About Us

Here are some of the hardworking people whom you may meet:

Christy Buttery

Julia Dakin

Rachel Powell-Valensky  

Valerie Capri

Skye Martin





The Farm:

The property is located on 40 acres, and several of those acres are devoted to a beginning farm, called Yokayo Roots Farm (more info here), which uses draft horses. Over time we’ll be developing a farm to table produce option for guests of Yokayo Ranch.  We have several farmers involved with the farm:  

Bo and Maci

Julia Dakin 

The Yokayo Ranch property was purchased in order to support a budding farm. Income from weddings and events helps to pay for farm costs. Every year, Yokayo Ranch hosts a few farm events including the Good Farm Fund fundraiser, and Biodynamic Association of Northern California winter meeting. 

Please contact us to schedule a tour or if you are interested in the farm or job opportunities.